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Savings and loans. Fair and square.

Our Leith Branch Opening Times

The normal business hours are:
Tuesday 10.00 to 14.00
Thursday 10.00 to 14.00
An Email or Telephone service is available Monday – Friday between 10.00 and 16.00
2022 Bank Holidays
During this period Castle Community Bank will be available via telephone or email

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Who are we?

We’re a credit union dedicated to bringing people an alternative home for their savings and loans.

We’re a member of the Community Finance Network who are responsible lenders striving to give more people access to fairly priced financial services.

We’re bringing the focus back to helping people, so we aim to be accessible, applicable and affordable for all of our customers.

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Why choose us instead of your highstreet bank?

Credit unions were created to cooperatively provide affordable access to loans and other financial services to people sharing common bonds. The mission of “people helping people” has been paramount since the beginning.

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Why join a credit union instead of a high-street bank?

We Help People

We want to encourage and build financial wellbeing for our members.

We Care

We care about the communities we serve. 

We're Fair

There are no arrangement fees to pay on your loan.

We're Ethical

We do not invest in the stock market for profit. We’re here to help and break the cycle of debt.

Personal Loans

Make your dreams a reality, or simply tidy up your finances.

We created Castle Community Bank to help our community borrow at fair prices, with fair terms, for anything from weddings to washing machines.

Join Castle Community Bank today so that you can borrow better.

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Savings Accounts

We created Castle Community Bank to give everyone an ethical option for their savings. You can apply online or phone us to discuss savings options.

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Got a question for our team?

We are proud providers of FairLife, a charity which works with consumers and the finance industry to improve everyday financial products and services.